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Technology in Physical Education Newsletters

Issue 8: Activity Analysis using TimeMotion app

Finding out how an athlete spends their time during a game provides valuable information to a sports scientist, coach and to the athlete.  Understanding the demands of the energy systems, and the type of movement patterns helps a sport scientist or exercise physiologist tailor a training program to meet the specific demands of the position that the athlete is playing in that sport.

Issue 7: Twitter as a Personal Professional Learning Network

The impact of 140 characters for teachers. An introduction to how Twitter can be used for professional learning and development as well as some #pegeeks suggestions of who to follow to get you started.

Issue 6: Technology at the Olympics

Links (movies, articles) to how technology has influenced the olympics; timing of events, equipment, materials and textile development, training and performance analysis.

Issue 5: Anatomy – websites, software and ‘apps’

A collection of different ways to integrate the teaching and learning of anatomy into your classes.

Issue 4: Are you mobile – how to get your ‘apps’ onto a bigger screen to share with your class

Read about how to connect your iPad™ connected to a VGA projector using an adapter or Apple TV™, connecting your iPad™ to an HDMI projector or using the Reflection™ ‘app’.

Issue 3: QR Codes

Read about QR codes can be integrated into teaching such as fitness units, orienteering, fast facts, worksheets and assignments. Find out how to get started with QR scanners and using smartphones for learning.

Issue2: Digital Footprints and Geotagging

Read about digital security and what your images say about you and your students digital footprint as well as what you can do about your geotagging security. In addition, there are links to cybersafety websites and resources.

Issue 1: Performance Analysis (Game Analysis and Technique Analysis)

Read about pattern plotter in elite sport and mobile ‘apps’ for game analysis such as PLATOsport as well as ‘apps’ for biomechanical analysis in Physical Education

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