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Links – Apps and Websites

These are a collection of things we have come across that others may find useful so thought we would share them.

Whats ‘app’ening?



Activity Analysis

  • TimeMotion – another great ‘app’ by Grant Abt allows you to conduct an activity analysis of any match either live or from a video to determine frequency, intensity and duration. Have a look at his website for further details on how it works.



  • iMuscle – easy to use interactive anatomy app that links the muscles with resistance exercise to train the muscle group identified.


Biomechanical Analysis

  • Ubersense and Coaches Eye are great ways to complete biomechanical analysis or break down a skill in a Physical Education or coaching setting if you do not have access to 3D motion analysis equipment.


Game Analysis

  • PLATOSPORT – enables a layered game analysis. One of the great things about the ‘app’ is that the layering that is possible has similar aspects to the expensive software used in elite sport …and this ‘app’ is FREE! It is also possible to record the location of the action by using one of the sports fields/courts that comes with the ‘app’. More information is available on his website





Exercise Physiology

  • Understand how a lung works and other experiments


Physical Activity

  • Physical Activity Measurement Tools for a variety of setting from Active Living Research – Tools and Measures






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